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get a load of this   
01:47pm 26/03/2006
  well i am ready to tell everyone the news, im sure most people know but the might not i dunno so i am pregnant yea crazy huh so ya imagine that. im kinda getting used to it, ive known sence like december so ya i really dont care what people say im over it my worst critic is myself, i stopped plotting to kill it once i started feeling it move its kinda special its weird so ya i did some stupid shit but thats life.  
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yea yea yea   
03:47pm 23/10/2005
mood: happy
WELL, i am grounded for a long long time basically because my dad woke up and i wasnt there..ooops... hahah at least i had fun while i lived you know... im going to start doing good again tho, im gunna go to school everyday and try n do my work n im gunna stop the party life well ill still party on the weekends but no hardcore parting im done with that, its getting bad well it was, but im guna start doing good again, just watch. my father sed if i go to school everyday next week i can be ungrounded then its all good again and jaa.

so alot has been going on and its kinda crazy but i dunno. some people are really stupid and they think im wicked fucked up but they do the same shit i STOPPED doing and they arent fucked so whats up with that? cunt thats whats up
and ya that same chicky is pissed at me for loving the hell out of mike cuz hes awesome and i dont care so i dont care what you think, i care what some people think and most people are happy for me so im happy and happy happy happy love is going around. everything is almost perfect im so close so fucking close and im gunna do so good like i was and its gunna be good IM GOOD its all good
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i dont know what when or why....love me say hell yes!!   
11:28pm 08/07/2005
mood: drunk
darkrock17: how 'd you get drunk?
blackdaze420: i dranK
ok so i am drunk. i love drunk. like the action to be drunk. ii love to be drunk drink drink drink some people are freaking me out tho like tryin to be my friend then they dis me and i kinda wanna be like what the fuck but im not like that so i just chill but i should. fuckin assholes gotta ruin my buzz like what the fuck is that shit. whats up with that dude wtf im numb i wanna confess something to everyone NO ONE KNOWS except one person and she truly might be my best friend cuz she know whats up and no one else knows,imsure people have some sort of idea but to know to the full extent well its mind blowing NO ONE EVEN KNOW i barely know but im not drunk enought o confess yet omg im so drunk tho ok so ya i love being drunk every 5 minutes get a little more drunk then you never go to bed in a bad mood....AND YOU CANT WAKE UP IN A BAD MOOD because you will be way too hung over to think about anything so oyur brain wont be able to send any chemicals around tellin you what kinda mood your in so you will just passout or so9mething, i gotta pee again I SERIOUSLY JUST STOPPED PEEING wtf? maybe i should tell you something so your not reading this nonescence, this drunkin bable in vain, ok so some people are weird and they are mean and i dont know how to react. I hate it when people so called, "joke with me" like i love jokes but when they make fun of me that sucks because i ALWAYS ALWAYS pretend ;like its funny but i NEVER think its funny and i remember it and it really gets to me. om gi just had this crazy though that i could be like 30 years old and im like still livin with my dad and im a loser who has no job who just sits home n gets drunk all the time but ihave a job but people are freakin me out omg omg om omogmomgomgogmmgomgomgo IM GUNNA FREAK OUT!!
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01:31am 07/07/2005
mood: crazy
well what do you have to say for yourself?
~*~*~*who me? absolutly nothing!!*~*~*~

well folks it seems as if everybodys life is going down the drain i dunno ahh this kid is on crack and he is annoying me fucking kill someone psfdgfg

whatever i dont know, work work work thats all i do yay tommorrow no work and i am buying a nice fat bag of weed <3 <3 ohh hell ya i cant wait!! <3 <3 ohh man this is gunnna be off the hook ok thats gay wow ahh whatever

<3 wow some ghetto kids scare me cuz nashua is so ghetto and scary!! ohh man i am so so so so scared i am gunna walk around with a bullet proof vest on and a heater i am scared and i am ghetto and ahh its nashua!! stay away everyone is in a gang even the preps!! ahhh they are gunna steal my lunch money

so todays lesson is go fuck yourself because no one else will

<3 <3 i love all of you...kinda ahah ya not funny i dunno w/e WEED TOMMOROWWW!@!!1!1! <3
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09:50pm 28/06/2005
mood: so fucking happy i could cry
wow i am so happy i love tony so much wow i do not even care about anything i cant even explain it. i am just so happy like im high but im not this is way better than being high. wwwwwwwooooooooowwwwwwwwww
owch love does hurt hahahahahaha i am so funny

so i am so happy i love tony omg ya
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