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yea yea yea

WELL, i am grounded for a long long time basically because my dad woke up and i wasnt there..ooops... hahah at least i had fun while i lived you know... im going to start doing good again tho, im gunna go to school everyday and try n do my work n im gunna stop the party life well ill still party on the weekends but no hardcore parting im done with that, its getting bad well it was, but im guna start doing good again, just watch. my father sed if i go to school everyday next week i can be ungrounded then its all good again and jaa.

so alot has been going on and its kinda crazy but i dunno. some people are really stupid and they think im wicked fucked up but they do the same shit i STOPPED doing and they arent fucked so whats up with that? cunt thats whats up
and ya that same chicky is pissed at me for loving the hell out of mike cuz hes awesome and i dont care so i dont care what you think, i care what some people think and most people are happy for me so im happy and happy happy happy love is going around. everything is almost perfect im so close so fucking close and im gunna do so good like i was and its gunna be good IM GOOD its all good
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